Cheap Flights and Bed Bug Bites: What the Phoenix Airport is Doing to Get Rid of Bedbugs

bed bug size and symptomsYou hear the loudspeaker announce final boarding for your flight and you get up to walk down the terminal concourse, when you notice that it’s not just you getting on that airplane out of Arizona. In fact, Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix which sees 200,000 human travelers a day, is now seeing an increase in bed bugs. Authorities have begun ripping out seats in an effort to control a potential all-out bedbug infestation in the home state of Senator John McCain.

If you’re surprised at this point to be seeing bed bugs everywhere people frequent, then you haven’t been paying attention. Bed bugs are everywhere- not just hotels. The recent resurgence of cimex lectularius (the scientific name for bed bugs) is believed to be due to cheap flights and affordability of air and international travel, helped further by the prohibition of one of the few chemical bed bug pesticides available several years ago by the government because it was also harmful to humans.

How the Phoenix Airport is Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

To their credit, Sky Harbor airport is removing entire rows of seats infested with bed bugs, rather than taking the traditional “spray and pray” approach. In fact, bed bug exterminators can cause a business several tens of thousands of dollars in unexpected losses, which explains why landlords and hotel managers are hesitant to even being to address the bedbug problem even when reported.

Bed bug sprays are also mainly effective as contact killers. This pretty much leaves natural solutions like DE! as the only option, which admittedly is a 100% safe and all-natural option with about a 95% success rate. The problem with even the best natural bed bug killers like Defensive End! is that governments have made regulations so harsh and staunch that only a few product makers of this kind remain, and many do marketing more resembling the days of mule trains and wagons.

Avoiding Bedbugs in Public Spaces

Bedbugs are pretty much unavoidable at this point. An East Cleveland City Council meeting was all but self-evacuated after one person noticed a bed bug crawling around during an open public forum. This prompted one lady to declare “I ain’t got time for no bed bugs” as she and several others hurried out of the room.

So remember, when you see a bed bug, run! Just kidding, but it’s probably best to avoid known areas of bed bug infestations so you don’t bring one home with you.

The Societal Cost of Bed Bugs

When you add together the several millions of dollars treating bed bugs, the nights and days of lost sleep and productivity, the over regulation by the government and the de facto bed bug product monopoly currently existing in the world, it’s easy to see why bed bugs are a billion dollar problem with no immediate solution in sight.

This is why it’s best for people to do their due diligence in finding a solution that works, is safe, and doesn’t break the bank.

Good luck and stay bed bug bite-free!