Bed Bugs Are Becoming a Massive Problem for French Homes and Hotels

Bed bugs have become a big problem in France, but government regulations do not help residents sleep better at night. The costs of a bed bug exterminator are extremely high, often making an effective treatment of bedbugs inaccessible to the average consumer and the owner or manager of the hotel who is dealing with an active infestation of bed bugs.

In fact, more than 200,000 households in France have an active problem of bed bugs, and this number is increasing. Many natural and safe solutions exist but they are often not discovered by people who are struggling with bed bugs at home because of the lack of information available in the physical and online world.

There is an amazing bed bug killer that is available for sale in hardware stores and even on the internet but companies that sell them are often 100 years old and do not understand modern internet marketing to reach potential customers. As a result, in addition to the restrictive regulations that prevent new companies from selling this type of product, the victim of bedbugs still faces many sleepless nights and unproductive days at work.

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